sending your selfies to NASA because you’re a star

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Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
― Francis of Assisi (via psych-quotes)
Anonymous asked:
Are you not afraid she'll see these? last question I promise and then Ill leave you alone. Let's end this with whats something you'd tell her right now?

No, not really, I have no reason to be. Umm, I guess I’d tell her that she should remember that I’ll always be here if she needs me.

Anonymous asked:
Do you hate her? Hate who she is? What would you do if anything happened to her?

Like I said before I don’t hate her, she even knows that, I really can’t. Shaylee gave me and taught me so much, and because of that I’ll always be grateful to her. I can’t even hate who she is because I don’t really know, she never let me see that, hence why I never found anything I didn’t like. If anything were to happen to her, of course I’d worry and would love to help in anyway I can, no matter what I know I’d be there for her like I said I would.

Anonymous asked:
What didnt you like about her? Youd never know unless you tried to talk to her. Say hi every once in awhile. Why would that be a disappointment? Wouldnt you wanna know how she is?

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about her, she gave me reasons not to like her. She was the princess that wanted everything and I didn’t have that, so she looked elsewhere for it. One thing I can remember that I didn’t like about her though and it’s not a bad thing, but she never talked to me about how she felt. Look anon, I’m not gonna try and go outta my way to talk to this woman, she should know better than to expect that from me. I never once hurt her, but she destroyed my heart without caring. It took me a very long time to get over her, I wasted months just wishing she’d talk to me, she’d say anything, but she never did. I know I did nothing wrong, so why should I be the one to speak up? She’s obviously still the same girl I knew when I last saw her, if she’s waiting. She’s not in my life anymore, but I still hear her name, I know she’s more than happy with the new person in her life now.